About Us

We like to stand out from the crowd

We’re a Dynamic Company With One Goal

World Productivity Growth Through Thermal Technology

Over 30 years of combined experience in thermal technology.

We promise you 30 % increase in productivity, 30% energy saving. 

What We Do

We are a S.A.I.L.O.R company

Streamlining Operation Facility

Applying Thermal Technology

Increasing Productivity

Lowering Production Costs

Optimizing Material Flow

Reducing Emissions Pollutant



I always forge a Win-Win situation and add value to my stake holders

Shareholders, Employees, Clients, Suppliers and my Environtment

I do A Win concept (I used JOB Direction as my work culture in 3 way)

JOB Instruction (JI)
JOB Instructed by written with lead time
Briefing to have clarity before action

JOB Method (JO)
Method Achievement through PDCA (Plan, DO, Check, Action)
Reporting what i have done and on going work

JOB Relationship (JR)
I understand that i am not working alone but I relate with my team member


(I always apply measurement of: S pecific, M easureable, A chieveable, R ealistic, Time)

I am passionate on what i am doing

Everyday is a wonderful day, I deserve to receive goodness

I do my work with persistence

I am persistence in my action so my team mates are disciplined in work, result, and growth to success. I understood priority.


I will speak the truth, what i promise is what I deliver. I never use or listen to gossip or rumor.
I choose to preserve rather than quit. I will not conduct any action which is not in line with my value
and I will never let any chance of deterioration to rotten my surrounding

I have "NEVER GIVE UP" attitude

It doesn’t matter how I started, I have to finished and achieve the finish line.
I refused to give up. I don’t let the circumstances to steal my great future.
I have power of endurance


I am abundant person.
I create abundance for others and I believe that abundance only shows up
in my life to the level at which I show up.

I have "CAN DO" mindset

I take challenge a “YES CAN DO” person. I will always
try my very best and start the first step and what I can not do my team will
help do the rest. I choose to act rather than delay

I always make "PREPARATION" before i do my work

I always look to the

I "FOCUS" on result

I focus my thoughts, energy and attention on successful result of what I am doing.
I must F ollow, O ne, C ourse, U ntil, Successful


I speak with good purpose using empowering and positive conversation and I never listen to negative accusing voice. I choose to smile rather than frown, to love rather hate, to build rather than destroy, to forgive rather than curse

I am Responsible

I look for ways to be responsible and service that add value to all involvement to improve in the team for long term

I always Commited 100%

I am commited and agreed to the Vision, Mission, Culture, and Success of WIN company

I am very "POTENTIAL" person

I believe I have potential in my life and I only see what I have rather than I don’t have. When I look my hands, I am not only good enough but great to double my capacity, capability, strength, dynamic, grace, bless, joy, hope, effective, successful and energy.

I am in Winning Team Work

I am apart of winning team useable practical knowledge rather than just theory.
I am a team player.
I do whatever it takes to stay together and achieve team goals and focus on co-operation.

I have Gratitude

I am a truly grateful person.
I say thank you and show my appreciation everything and everyone I have in my life

I love Technology

It is not good enough just to have a technology, I have to implement it.

The "BEST" always in front of me and not behind

I believe I look straight ahead the best in front and leave the past.
It doesn’t matter my past was dark, it is never too late, my future is bright.
My best is yet to come.

I always work in co-operation rather than in competition

I was made for a mission to called to be victor not a victim

I am free to choose, free to become GREAT by CHOICE

It is not mainly a matter what happens to me but a matter of
what I create, what I do, and how well I do it.
Greatness is first and foremost a matter of conscious choice and discipline.

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