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Incorporated in 1985, PT.Win Electroindo Heat (WIN) is one of the leading furnace engineering company serving in range of industries. The company operates in the fields of Heat Treatment Furnaces, Aluminium Foundry & Heating Systems, offering a range of products which can also be provided as a part of turn-key project. The experience gained with eminent customers in competitive domestic and international markets, has formed the basis of WIN’s expertise.

In the field of Metal Heat Treatment & Aluminium Foundry Furnaces, company has technical collaboration with EBNER GmbH-Austria, Sanken Sangyo Co.Ltd.-Japan and Rubig GmbH-Austria.

We aspire to become a leading Thermal technology company in South East Asia, deliver world-class products and services to our customers in the fields of Heat Treatment Furnaces, Aluminium Foundry & Combustion System.

A learning organization of committed and contributing employees, who share the competitive agenda, expansion in our areas of core competence and development of competencies for new product-market-growth opportunity.

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